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Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatouro2019
ROHM co. produces

ROHM co. produces "Light and Blossoms Pathway"

Taking advantage of the nature, waterfront, bamboo forest and historical cultural assets of the Saga Arashiyama region, walkway totaling approximately 5 km is rendered from the light of open air lanterns, whose shades and shadows imbue Japanese sentiment, and the blossoms of voluminous flower arrangement pieces. The created effect is a pathway that naturally beckons one to walk.

Flower Arrangement Promenade

Flower Arrangement Promenade

With cooperation from Kyoto Ikebana Association, voluminous flower arrangement pieces will be on display along the light and blossoms pathway.

Entire Togetsukyo Bridge Area Illuminated

Entire Togetsukyo Bridge Area Illuminated

Illuminating Togetsukyo Bridge, foothills and waterfront, a magnificently beautiful natural night scene is rendered.

All Bamboo Forest Walkways Illuminated

All Bamboo Forest
Walkways Illuminated

Both sides of walkways will be lit up from Nonomiya-jinjya Shrine to Okouchi Sanso Villa, rendering a fantastical scene.

Please use public transportation when coming to Kyoto.